Guild Bylaws and Standing Rules and Procedures

Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc.

1.01 This organization shall be known as the Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc., herein also referred to as The Guild.

ARTICLE 2. Objectives
2.01 The objectives of the Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc. are as follows:
(a) Promotion and advancement of quilting as an art.
(b) Exchange of information and ideas on any and all aspects of quilting.
(c) Presentation of educational programs on quilting.
(d) Improvement of skills and techniques of quilters.
(e) Exploration of new avenues of creativity and expression for quilters.
(f) Preservation of the arts of the traditional quilt maker.
(g) Other aims and objectives as deemed appropriate by the membership, if compliant with Objectives (a) through (f) above.

3.01 The Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a 501(c) (3) Tax-exempt status.

ARTICLE 4. Membership and Dues
4.01 Requirements for membership and schedule of dues as follows:
(a) Membership in the Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc. is open to any person interested in any aspect of the quilting arts.
(b) Membership runs on the calendar year (January through December). In order to have a membership directory printed in a timely manner; dues are to be paid in full on or before the third Monday in November (our regular meeting day).
(c) New members joining in mid-year (after July 1st) will pay one-half of the membership fee.  This does not apply to renewal memberships.
(d) Life members are individuals who have been granted life membership in the Guild. Life members are exempt from the payment of dues and are entitled to participate in the Guild activities, hold office and vote. One life membership may be awarded in each even numbered year and awarded at a suitable time and location. Nominations for life membership will be made by the general membership when solicited. Names and rationale for the nomination must be made in writing and given to an Executive Board member. A vote of the Executive Board makes the final selection.
(e) Dues will be determined by the Executive Board, at the minimum amount necessary to fulfill the ongoing purposes of the Guild, and approved by the membership.
(f) No member may profit personally from membership in The Guild by verbally soliciting or verbally advertising the sale of products or services at Guild meetings or Guild sponsored activities. This provision does not prohibit non-professional guild members from offering for sale at Guild sponsored quilt shows quilted items that have been produced solely by the members. From such sales The Guild will receive a minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the sale price. Also excluded are classified ads in the Newsletter and Directory, which will be for individual members advertising quilt-related items. A location may be provided at Guild meetings and Guild sponsored activities for quilt related written information of interest to Guild members from member and non-member individuals or companies.
(g) Non-members may attend one meeting as our guest; subsequently they will be invited to become dues-paying members.

ARTICLE 5. Administration
5.01 The Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc. will be administered by an Executive Board consisting of seven (7) elected members: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor and Membership Chairperson. With the exception of the President and Treasurer, a co-chair may be elected, if deemed necessary, but may not vote except in the absence of the chair. The general duties and responsibilities of the offices, which constitute the leadership of the Guild, are to attend regular meetings as well as executive meetings and perform other duties as described in the job description for each office as follows:
(a) President: Presides over regular and executive meetings. Supervises the activities of the Guild. Signs checks in the absence of the Treasurer. Serves as a liaison with other organizations. Coordinates with the First Vice President in the selection of programs and meetings. Reviews monthly bank statements. Performs any other duties related to the office of President.
(b) First Vice President-Programs: Conducts meetings in the absence of the President. Arranges programs and speakers for the monthly meetings of the general membership, including travel and housing arrangements. Coordinates the scheduling for workshops with the Second Vice President.
(c) Second Vice President-Workshops: Conducts meetings in the absence of the President and First Vice President. Works with the First Vice President to arrange and manage workshops and collects their fees.  Provides and maintains signage for committee tables at guild meetings.
(d) Secretary: Takes minutes of all regular and Executive Board meetings. Provides the Newsletter Editor with the minutes of the Guild meetings and a summary of the Executive Board meetings for publication in the newsletter. Maintains a file of reports submitted by outgoing officers, standing and special committee chairpersons. Handles the Guild correspondence. Sends appropriate get well wishes and condolences.
(e) Treasurer: Receives all monies collected by the organization and deposits these funds into a checking account maintained by the Guild for this purpose. Signs all checks for authorized disbursements. Keeps accurate records available for audit. Publishes monthly reports of income and expenses and a budget vs. actual report in the July newsletter. Prepares a budget for the coming year by December of each year, to be published in the January newsletter. The budget should reflect the plans and requirements of the incoming Executive Board and committee chairmen.
(f) Newsletter Editor: Is responsible for the publishing of a monthly newsletter and coordinating its distribution.
(g) Membership Chairman: Acts as hostess and maintains a sign-in book for each meeting.  Collects membership dues for the Treasurer. Informs the President and Newsletter Editor who joins each month and provides a list of members’ birthdays in the coming month.  Maintains the membership roster. Compiles a list of members who have joined after January and publishes this in the August newsletter. Publishes the Directory at the end of the year and coordinates its distribution.
(h) Parliamentarian: The responsibilities of the office are to see that the bylaws of the Guild are observed, advise the president on parliamentary procedures, chair the nominating committee and participate in board discussions. This position is not an elected office and has no Executive Board vote. Traditionally the outgoing president assumes the position to provide continuity. If the outgoing president cannot serve in the position, it is appointed by the President.

5.02 The Executive Board will be elected for a one-year term of office. Each officer is limited to a two year consecutive term of service in any particular office. Each year the ballot will consist of all elected positions. The position of parliamentarian should not be included.
(a) The nominating committee is appointed by the Executive Board. The nominating committee consists of the chairperson (Parliamentarian) and two other guild members.
(b) A nominating committee, formed in May, presents a slate of officers at the August meeting.  This slate and will be published prior to the September meeting. Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the September meeting, only with the consent of the person nominated. Voting will be conducted with a show of hands unless there are nominations from the floor which require paper ballots. If needed, the nominating committee will provide members with a method to vote absentee.
(c) The months of October, November, and December are a transition period when incoming officers observe and learn the duties of the outgoing board and plan for the coming year.  During this transition period, they have no executive board vote but communication and documentation should be shared.
(d) The elected slate of officers will take office January 1.

5.03 The Executive Board will hold a minimum of six (6) meetings annually. These meetings are for the purpose of evaluating the aims and objectives of The Guild, reviewing and directing the goals and special projects for the year, and conducting any necessary business for the officers and Guild members.

5.04 If an elected officer is not performing the duties of the office, the following actions should be taken to resolve the problem.
(a) Any member should notify the Executive Board in writing of unsatisfactory performance of duties by an elected officer.
(b) After an Executive board review, a board member will be designated to communicate the performance issue with the officer. This meeting should result in either a commitment to improve or a resignation.
(c) If duties continue to be unsatisfactory, the Executive Board can approve a motion to dismiss.
(d) A member vote by ballot will be taken on the motion at the next general meeting with a majority vote needed to dismiss.

ARTICLE 6. Committees
6.01 The standing committee chairs will attend the regular Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc. meetings and include, as needed, the following positions:
(a) Hospitality: Serves refreshments at the meetings and luncheons/brunches, with the exception of the Biennial Luncheon.
(b) Special Projects: Plans and implements any special projects having The Guild members’ approval and participation. Projects may be service-related or directed toward member enrichment.
(c) Librarian: Maintains The Guild literature and publications and is responsible for managing an inventory and checkout system. Purchases new books or other publications of interest to the members. Reports to the members on new publications that are acquired. Purchases books in memory of deceased members or deceased spouse of member.
(d) Monthly Quilt Block: Chooses a block or blocks to be made by the members each month.  Provides patterns, instructions and fabric for the blocks. Prepares, distributes and collects finished kits and conducts block drawing(s).
(e) Bee: Provides information to new members about quilting bees. Encourages formation of new bees. Assists or advises bees as requested in matters related to quilting education and membership. Arranges for monthly greeters.
(f) Quilt Show: Is responsible for the Guild’s Biennial Quilt Show and Boutique. Appoints chairs for necessary committees. Reports to the President no less than monthly. Attends Executive Board meetings six months prior to Quilt Show. Submits a written report and evaluation within one month of the conclusion of the show. The rules of the Quilt Show are maintained in a separate document.
(g) Charity Donations: Is responsible for collecting and distributing quilts and items made for local charities including the holiday donations. Keeps a record of the number of quilts made and each charity receiving a quilt. Appoints a committee for assistance with distribution and the listed responsibilities.
(h) Fundraising: Is responsible for the conception, planning and implementing a fundraising event when needed. The plan must be approved by the Executive Board.
(i) Retreat: Is responsible for arranging, managing, and collecting the fees for the Guild retreats.
(j) Webmaster: Is responsible for keeping the Guild website current with appropriate quilt related information and works with the Newsletter Editor to place the newsletter on the website each month. The webmaster is not limited in term of office since the position requires specific software and computer skills.
(k) Quilts of Valor: Works with the national Quilts of Valor organization to make and distribute patriotic quilts to those who have been touched by war.

6.02 Standing committees can be disbanded or left unfilled if the need for them no longer exists by a vote of the Executive Board.

6.03 Committee chairpersons will be appointed each year by the President, or by the Executive Board, if the President prefers.

6.03 Chairpersons may recruit volunteers or assistants.

6.04 Any other committees needed for the successful completion of the goals of The Guild may be formed by the Executive Board.

6.05 Executive Board meetings are open to all Standing Committee Chairpersons.

ARTICLE 7. Meetings
7.01 Meetings of the Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc. will be held eleven (11) times a year, monthly on the third (3rd) Monday, with the exception of the month of December.

ARTICLE 8. Financial
8.01 The financial records of the Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc. will be audited by two members of The Guild, neither of whom is an elected officer, appointed by The Guild President. This audit will be conducted prior to the beginning of the fiscal year, January 1, and at any other time there is a change in the office of Treasurer. A Treasurer’s report will be published monthly in the newsletter as well as the required reports in January and July. The Guild must carry liability insurance to cover all activities.

ARTICLE 9. Amendments
9.01 Amendments or additions to these bylaws may be made by a vote of the general membership. A member may present a proposed change to the Executive Board who will review it and publish it in the newsletter to be voted on at a regular meeting. The amendments must have a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members present at the meeting to carry.

ARTICLE 10. Unexpired Terms
10.01 In the event a duly elected officer cannot complete the term of office, the Executive Board will appoint a member to carry out the term of office.

ARTICLE 11. Ruling Authorities
11.01 All business meetings will be conducted according to ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER.

ARTICLE 12. Dissolution
12.01 In the event of the dissolution of the Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc., all assets will be assigned to an organization chosen by the membership in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

ARTICLE 13. Copies
13.01 All new members will be given a copy of the Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc. Bylaws.

Revised 4/2001
Amended 5/2001
Amended 5/2005
Amended 10/2006
Amended 9/2009
Revised 11/2012
Revised 12/2016

Standing Rules and Procedures
Hill Country Quilt Guild, Inc.

1. The standing rules and procedures should be reviewed annually by the board for additions, deletions and changes.
2. Revisions of Standing Rules and Procedures may be made by a vote of the Executive Board.
3. No person may hold more than one elected office or chair more than one standing committee. (See listing in ARTICLE 6 for Standing Committees.)
4. The treasurer will complete an annual inventory of guild assets by December 1.
5. Any board officer, except President and Treasurer, can appoint an assistant to meet the requirements of the position. That assistant can represent the officer at any board meeting or general meeting and can cast one vote in the absence of the board member.
6. The board transition period (October through December) provides an opportunity for the new board members to understand their positions and the current status of guild. New board members are observers only until they take office on January 1.
7. A budget committee, chaired by the current treasurer, is composed minimally of the current president and treasurer, and incoming treasurer and president. The committee will be responsible for preparing the annual budget with input from committee chairs and board members.

General Meetings
1. As a courtesy to all, members will wear a nametag to general meetings. A donation of twenty-five (25) cents will be made to the treasury by anyone present not wearing his/her nametag.
2. Members may make optional donations of cash and disposable items for local charity organizations during the November luncheon meeting. The charities and their requests will be published in the September and October newsletters.
3. Organizations other than quilt guilds will be allowed to sell raffle quilt tickets at general meetings.
4. An information table and bulletin board will be made available to members to leave flyers for quilt related items of interest to the guild. Announcements of this type from the podium are not allowed.
5. An honorarium of $100 will be paid to any guild member who presents a program at a general meeting.
6. When a member wins the Block of the Month quilt blocks, they will not be eligible to win again for a year.
7. The beekeeper will assign bees as general meeting “greeters” on a rotational basis.

1. There will be no workshop or day retreat refunds. A person who wishes to cancel a workshop or day retreat may obtain a replacement from the waiting list in the order in which the names are listed. If there is no waiting list, a canceller may find a replacement who is not a member of the guild.
2. If a member cancels an overnight retreat reservation and no replacement can be found, refunds may be made in the amount of half the payment made in order to cover guild expenses incurred.
3. When a member agrees to host a workshop teacher in their home, they will be eligible to take a workshop at no charge.
4. Members who teach a workshop for the guild will be paid the $15 registration fees collected, less any expenses incurred by the guild in providing the workshop.

Quilt Show/Opportunity Quilt
1. Permanent and portable quilt racks are for the sole use of Hill Country Quilt Guild and Vereins Quilt Guild.
2. An opportunity quilt will be made every other year. It will be awarded at the biennial Quilt Show.

1. Newsletter
The Bylaws permit members to place personal and/or business ads in the newsletter for quilt related items, space permitting. Five dollars ($5.00) per ad per month will be charged.  The ad size is limited to no more than 1/4 page. A Newsletter Ad request form is available on the HCQG website. The request form must be accompanied by the required fee and submitted to the Newsletter Editor before the 1st day of the month, to be considered for the next month’s newsletter.  Mail to HCQG – Newsletter Editor, P. O. Box 293177, Kerrville, TX 78029.
2. Directory
Members & non-members can place business ads of graduated sizes (1/4 to full page) in the directory for quilt-related items for graduated prices ($25 to $100).  The directories, if not picked up in six months, may be discarded after notifying the recipients by email.  A $1 charge will be made to cover postage if mailing is requested.

1. After a book has not been returned to the library in three months, the librarian will send an email to the member asking that the book be renewed or returned. At the end of the year the librarian is to present a list of delinquent books to the board.
2. A biannual inventory of the books should be conducted with a corresponding update to the library data base.

Amended 11/2002
Amended 3/2005
Amended 9/2006
Amended 1/2007
Amended 9/2009
Amended 4/2010
Amended 8/2012
Amended 1/2014