Quilt Show Various Member Instructions

Market Place Patterns

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Sleeve and Label Instructions

“All large and medium quilts must have 4-inch sleeves; small quilts wider
than 30″ must also have a 4″ sleeve. Small quilts less than 30″ wide may use
a 3″ sleeve. Miniatures need at least a 2-inch sleeve. Quilts wider than 90
inches require a split sleeve.”

For those entering a quilt show for the first time, the sleeve is a tube
that is attached to the top-back of the quilt; a pole is inserted thru the
sleeve and the pole is attached to the hanging frames. A 4″ sleeve starts
out as an 8.5″ strip of muslin or other fabric; a 3″ sleeve starts out as a
6.5″ strip of fabric. Have a friend show you how to attach the bottom of
the sleeve to the back of the quilt so that the pole can slip into the
sleeve without distorting the top of your quilt. There may be something out
there on the web that shows how this is done.

Another detail from the show’s rules: “Exhibitor’s name must be on the back
of the quilt. However, the exhibitor must cover all identification until
judging is completed.” The name may be covered with a strip of muslin or
with some blue painter’s tape.


Mary Ann Hildebrand

HCQG Meeting – April 15, 2019

Cut sleeve fabric 8.5″ x width of quilt minus 1″   Hem short sides of sleeve by turning under 1/4″ twice.

Lightly press the sleeve in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.

Open sleeve.  Turn long edges to meet center press line from both sides. Press the new fold lines firmly.

Open sleeve.  With wrong sides together, fold in half lengthwise.  Sew 1/4″ seam down length of sleeve.

With the sleeve seam toward the back of the quilt, pin one of the previously pressed fold lines of the sleeve approximately 1/2 inch from top of quilt.

Pin the bottom edge of the sleeve along the other previously pressed fold line.  This will leave an easement in the sleeve for the rod.

Hand stitch the sleeve in place making sure your stitches do not go through to the front of the quilt.  Also be sure to stitch down the back side of the sleeve opening.

Quilt Submission Instructions

Quilt Check-in will be on Tuesday May 21st between 9 and 11am at the Hill Country Youth Event Center

Here is a checklist for members to use in preparing their quilts for our upcoming show:

  • The quilts must be clean and free of all threads (…and pet hair…)
  • All quilts must have a sleeve (see the website for how to make a sleeve)
  • Quilts wider than 30” must have a 4” sleeve
  • If the quilt is wider than 90”, the sleeve must be a “split” sleeve
  • Quilts narrower than 30” wide may have a 3” sleeve
  • If the quilt is a miniature, it may have a 2” sleeve
  • The quilt must have a label and the names of the makers must be covered
  • Finally, please fold your quilt so that
  • the top of the quilt is showing and
  • the corner with the label is accessible

At quilt check-in, your quilt will be inspected, tagged, bagged and taken to its place in the Event Center. At that time, a receipt for each quilt will be given to the person checking-in the quilts. That receipt must be used on Sunday in order for the Team to release your quilt; no receipt, no return.

Quilts will be returned on Sunday May 26th between 5 and 6pm. Don’t forget to bring your receipts! If you can’t be there to get your own quilts, give your receipts to a friend so that she can pick them up for you. Susan Longacre